Saturday, 22 October 2011

Bramley Apple Festival

The Bramley Apple originates from a place in Nottinghamshire called Southwell (pronounced Southall). Every single Bramley Apple you have ever eaten or grown originates from this 200 year old tree.

Marion and I decided to go out today as it was nice and sunny and fairly warm and we headed to Southwell. When we finally found a parking space we walked through the town, the pavements are narrow, the shop windows are almost touching the ground and when we looked in they had apples on the windowsills.

We saw Morris dancers, which she enjoyed and we carried on walking to the Minster so she could buy herself something in the shop. Once we did that we decided to go into the Cathedral itself and found that they were holding the annual Bramley Apple Festival, a £1 donation got us in there (normally it's free to enter) and inside were lots of food stalls. We tried popcorn, smoked salmon, roast smoked salmon, salmon pate, hot chocolate and venison burgers.

Then we left there and I took a couple of photos of the shop windows and how they'd decorated for the festival, walked to the old fashioned sweet shop and then slowly made our way back to the car and home again.

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