Monday, 30 April 2012

Paper Flowers

I missed out on a workshop at the craft shop, it was a Saturday and my parents weren't around to babysit for me. Not to worry, my daughter is more important to me.

Anyway I decided to do a search online and see if I could find a tutorial and I did, the only thing was I decided to look at 11pm and had to have a go. First one took about 5 minutes to fold properly (probably because of the time) and then it was plain sailing.

Only another 10 of these flowers to make and then it's making up time. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

I Won a Giveaway

Back in January I won this lovely jigsaw on Stitch Bitch's blog on her giveaway for 10,000 posts.
I didn't think anything of it after I gave her my address, just thought Nikki had sent it surface mail for cost of postage.  She emailed me a couple of weeks ago apologising for not having sent it yet and it was on its way.

A big pink box arrived on a miserable rainy Thursday.  I pulled out the box with the jigsaw in, had a quick look and then had to go off out into the rain.  Little did I realise what else was in the box until Friday and WOW just take a look at all this fabric.

Some lovely threads wound onto bobbins with magnets on the back, a little matchbook needlecase and a matchbook notepad.  Nikki was apologetic for not having posted the prize sooner, but like I've said it didn't matter at all, but I LOVE EVERYTHING SHE HAS SENT.

THANK YOU SO MUCH NIKKI.  An email will be sent to you when gmail stops crashing.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Birdhouse Card

No luck last night in swimming, she's not been moved up. She's fed up now, kept saying it's pointless going as she'll still be in that group when she's in high school.  She was made to do 4 lengths to the others 2, she doesn't have any problems with stamina and she has a full body length on each stroke.  It's just one blasted foot on breast stroke.

What an absolutely miserable day today.  I did have my waterproof coat on for the school run, but I was still cold and wet when I got back in, so had to change.

I had planned on going out to get a few bits and top up with petrol, but have decided that I will only venture out at the end of school and keep my fingers crossed it's not so bad tomorrow.

Have been crafting, been making flowers and a couple of cards and I really should get myself up and finish off the birthday card for Clare, especially if I want to get it to her for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Twisted Tilda Card

We were supposed to do something else, but it all got mixed up so we did this one in class. I have done a card with this stamp before, but she's completely different this time.  I like the colour I chose to do her dress.

Another swimming lesson looms tonight, I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that she's put up to the next group.  Last week she was being made to do two lengths to the others one, this is what happened last time too because she's a long, fast swimmer.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Card Crop

The card classes I usually go to on a Tuesday are still ongoing, but Helen is now doing a crop on Monday. It was going to be once a month, but I think she got talked into doing it every fortnight and then today because a couple of ladies will be away for the next one!!

When I got the text from her on Friday about it, I text straight back saying please put me on the list to come as I needed her brain for inspiration lol

Well the inspiration was for sympathy cards I had been asked to do.  As a rule I don't make sympathy cards, if I need one I buy it in the shop.  Lilies don't do anything for me, in fact I don't like them, but this set does have something about it.

This is the end result for one card.  The ladies who were there all said how lovely it was and I must say that I am very proud of the result, all thanks to Helen's help.

I had a really fun 3 hours, a lovely lunch (we ordered from Gemma's husband's cafe) and some lovely new ladies to chat with.  I'm looking forward to the next one.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Herman, The Sourdough Cake

Today was day 10 for Herman and it was time to make him.  It said to cook for 45 minutes and then possibly another 20 minutes with foil covering it, but this one took another 45 minutes for the middle to be cooked through.

If I make it again, I will split the mixture and put it into two tins, or a couple of loaf tins as I think it would be better.

It was delicious, I was going to cut a piece and give it to Helen at card class for her to try, but as of 9pm there are only crumbs left and I only got one slice - yes my darling daughter polished off the lot throughout the course of the day.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Angry Birds Space

This arrived in the post this morning, so we loaded it onto her laptop at lunchtime and away we were.  This is so much fun and I'm definitely going to order the other one that is out.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Bride & Groom Wedding Card

I didn't go to the boot fair yesterday, I'd already been soaked on the school run and decided to stay in.  At 11am I popped up into the loft to start searching for my daughter's football boots, just in case they've been put up there and I got sidetracked looking through a box of crafting stuff.

At mid-day my Aunt called and after that I decided I was itching to go out, so naturally I decided to take myself to Sherwood Forest Art & Craft Centre. I bought a few things in the craft shop and a couple of things inspired me enough to have worked out how I will finish off The Sampler Girl pattern, still not printed it off though!!

Today has been an up and down day, I seem to have run around like a blue fly and got absolutely nothing done to show for it.  I think it's the weather, it was lovely and warm and sunny when I went out to get some bits in Morrisons and then as I pulled into Aldi car park 15 minutes later it was hailstones the size of golf balls and I sat in the car for 10 minutes waiting for it to pass.  I bought a patio rose and put it under where I thought next doors gutter was flooding onto their block paving, but I've just found I'm about an inch out and it's far too heavy to go out and sort it out.  I just hope that it doesn't rain all night or I won't be sleeping much.

I got my stitching out with all good intentions of getting something done and that's how it has stayed.  I did read a magazine though and watched Gardener's World.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Boofle Car Birthday Card

Boofle in a car mounted onto a spotty stepper card.

My neighbour Lynn goes to a lot of car boot sales as a seller and she's forever telling me to get my garage sorted and get selling. Of course I should have paid attention last year when I had a bigger car, but I'm off in a bit to one of the ones she's mentioned a few times just to browse and get some details. She's not going today, but I might be persuaded to try next week.

Then I need to seriously think about doing some stitching, I keep looking at it.

Someone asked me the other day why I had given up on stitching, as all I do is make cards.  This simply isn't true, stitching takes a lot longer than it does to make a card and even then a single card can take up to two hours to make and sometimes longer.  I just don't have that much motivation to stitch at the moment, but that might change after I treated myself to a small chart from The Sampler Girl yesterday and I'm itching to start it.  Printing it out would be a good start though :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Boofle Baby Girl Card

Available for sale here

Oh what a miserable day. Rain, rain and more rain.

 I had to go into Mansfield today, needed to go to the bank. It was like walking through a river, my feet were soaking even with wearing my boots. So I popped to the post office, it's a big branch and when I asked for some stamps she told me I would be lucky to get them, they're running out as royal mail isn't delivering anymore to the post offices until they're ready for the price increase.

 Great eh. First they say it's the customers fault they had to put prices up, because we don't post enough anymore. Now they aren't letting us have the stamps to do any posting - is this the customers fault too?

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bronze & White Sunflower Greetings Cards

Mum came with me to my craft class over the last couple of weeks, while my daughter stayed at home and babysat Grandad!!

This is one of the cards that I made.

This is one of the cards that Mum made.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Tilda Girl with Cake Cards

On the Wednesday before Easter we woke up to snow and lots of it, so we decided to stay in and make it a crafting day. My daughter did her drawing and colouring and Mum and I finished off the other two cards from the previous day at craft class.

This is mine, I like the colour of her dress.

This one is Mum's, she did hers a completely different colour and even though it's the same design it makes them completely different cards.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lemon Tilda Girls Cards

Mum came with me to the first craft class of the Easter holiday. We made these Tilda cards. Tilda's aren't really my cup of tea (probably because I don't really like colouring, never did when I was a child either), but I did enjoy this one. We stamped out two designs, but we only actually had time to make one card each.

This is mine.

This is the one Mum made. We took the cards to show my Aunt and she wanted them, but doesn't know anyone with little girls lol

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Promarker Needleroll

I have quite a few promarker pens now and I've wanted a carry case for them, but they're so expensive and not something I could contemplate because I'd need about 3 for the moment.

So I asked Mum if she'd bring my sewing machine up with them when they came up for Easter (she's got it as her needs repairing) and help me with the design that was in my head for it.

So we went to a fabric shop and came home with some wadded material and elastic and made two of them. There is more fabric to make another, but we just ran out of time before they had to go back home again so Mum will make it at home.

I'm pleased with them and it has only cost me £7.50 instead of £12 each. I plan on getting some more of the material and we can make some more at a later stage.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Easter Bunny Basket

Fun to make and I put little eggs inside for my daughter for Easter.

Had to take the car in today as I've noticed a grinding noise whenever I brake (since Tuesday), so wanted to get it checked out. Turns out it's corrosion on the discs, but nothing to worry about too much and they'll do it when it goes in for its first MOT next month. The mechanic took it out for a run and did a few hard brakes with it, then did a free health check and everything else is fine.I had been told that the first major service would be in May too, but it turns out that's not until the fourth year or 40,000 miles. It's just an oil change this time around. So it's booked in already because I need a courtesy car. When I drove home it felt a little different, maybe him braking hard helped because it felt smoother to drive.

While my parents were here my Mum moaned about the fluff on the carpet - it's the stupid rug it moults, but she wouldn't have it and then moaned like mad that it took her half an hour to just to vacuum the living room and I could do the dining room myself because you have to go against the grain of the carpet. My old vacuum cleaner was brilliant, but my Mum and daughter decided one day last year to use it on the carpet where I had just washed it and consequently blew up my hoover. The one my parents bought to replace it isn't as good IMO, I find my back aches terribly after using it.

So today I bought myself a Gtech SW18 Cordless Germguard Power Sweeper. It had a little charge in it, so once I'd put it together I tried it out in a small area and oh boy the fluff it picked up. I can't wait til it's fully charged so I can have a go on the stairs.

Off now for a cup of tea and to do a little stitching I think.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Happy Easter

I really Enjoyed making this box and the egg is still there!!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hatching Chick Card

Quick to stitch and fun for Easter. I just didn't get it posted on here in time.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Boy with Dog Birthday Card

Available here for sale £2.30

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cupcake Birthday Wishes

Happy 40th Birthday to my friend Karen.

Today Mum and I are going to attempt to make me a carry pouch for my promaker pens. I can buy them, but they're expensive and everyone has the same. I'm a crafter and I do needlecraft (ok sewing machines and I tend not to get along, that's why I leave it to my Mum!!) and I just want to be different at my classes. Will post pics at a later date if we're successful, I love the fabric I've chosen for it.