Monday, 14 June 2010

Back on Blogspot Once More

Well here I am back on blogspot, but obviously a completely new blog (I'm still locked out of my other one after 2 years of trying to get them to work out that it wasn't a spam blog :( ) , moving back from Wordpress.

Over the half term holiday they had to do a painting, collage or drawing of a flower related thing. Marion had seen a water lily in a pond somewhere and that's what she wanted to do as a collage. I drew and cut out the butterfly, but the rest was all her doing with some help from her Granny.

Here she is showing off her masterpiece:

She was invited to a birthday party yesterday and she knew that Kieran likes pirates, so she asked me if she could make him a pirate birthday card, so I gave her the bits she needed and helped her a little, but here she is with the finished card:

Here's a close up pic of the birthday card and we found out on the way to school this morning that he was thrilled to bits with it.


  1. love the new blog will put you in my rss feed.

    Marion you look so grown up andI love your art well done xx

  2. Oh wow, what a fabulous job. The card is lovely, but the painting is astounding. Marion, you have a lot of talent!

  3. Wow you've got a talented young lady there!


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