Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Been Given the ALL CLEAR

When my Aunt was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a few years ago, my Mum went for genetic testing at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London for blood tests and they informed the genetic testing hospital in Nottingham about me. After discussing my family history for over 2 hours on the phone I was told that from the age of 40 I would have to go and get a mammogram.

My letter from Kings Mill Hospital came through at the beginning of August for an appointment on 7th September. I was a little nervous and my parents decided to stay an extra day to take me, I think because my letter said the test would last at least half an hour and Mum said that whenever she's had hers, she's been out in 5 minutes.

Off we went into the women's health section and I was seen almost straight away. It hurt on one side and really made me feel sick, but I was walking back towards the car 4 minutes later and I was told I would have the results within the week and then went to Morrisons for breakfast.

The week didn't happen, it was 2 weeks ago today that I had the test and the letter has come through ALL CLEAR. I now have to go every year for the rest of my life.


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