Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Time Flies

It has been quite a while since I last blogged, I've been busy decorating Marion's bedroom. She's had freshly painted walls, new carpet, new bed, shelves, bedside table and the wardrobe is in boxes waiting to be put together, Dad and I just ran out of time on Tuesday afternoon.

She was 9 on 30th August and she wanted to go to Rufford Park, so that's where we went. She was a little grumpy when we got there, but her wobbly tooth was annoying her. It didn't stay in for long, it came out while we were having a cream tea just after we got there and then little miss cheerful came out to play and she had a fantastic time.

Late in the evening we went out to the front and set off the Chinese lantern I'd bought for her.

This morning Mum and I went to craft class and left her ladyship snoring her head off in her comfy new bed and my Dad reading his book.

We had a good time and this is the shelf card we made, it was making all of us hungry all morning lol.

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