Monday, 23 January 2012

Bird Feeding Time

I still feel awful a week after I went to the doctor. I couldn't take the required doses of antibiotics each day, my chest started to feel really tight, I was very light headed and couldn't breathe properly, so I dropped it down to two tablets a day after having spoken to NHS Direct. They told to keep taking them and see how I feel this week.

This morning I was out, having not been any further than the corner shop last week, in town and my chest started to tighten I was breathless and very light headed and I was really glad to be back home again.

At school they had to design and build a bird feeder using only recyclable materials for National Birdwatch Week next week and the feeders would be going out into the orchard and other areas of the school. They didn't need to fill the feeders, but she did because the birds in our garden won't eat seeds of any kind (unless they're in fat balls), they just prefer peanuts, fat balls as long as they're not the ones you buy in the nets and of course meal worms.

She's thrilled to bits with how it turned out and her head teacher thought it was good too and gave her a bronze sticker, plus of course she got house points for taking part.

As for me, well I haven't managed to stitch much at all or do anything creative, I've just not felt up to it and I can't be bothered. Perhaps this week I can muster the enthusiasm because next Monday I've got a craft workshop with Leonie Pujol at the craft class I go to. It was postponed from November, but so far this year I haven't the enthusiasm for it :(Link

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