Monday, 30 January 2012


The craft shop I go to on a Tuesday morning for classes, occassionally has workshops. I've only managed to get on one since I've been going, but Helen had arranged with Leonie Pujol (create and craft presenter) to come and do a workshop with us during the week. It got postponed from November as Leonie was ill, but it was well worth the wait.

Leonie is such a down to earth fun person, wonderful and helpful and we all had a great laugh.

Card 1 I loved making this card and I'm loving making paper roses now and I definitely want to make more. Leonie is a fan of distressing and up until today I wasn't really into it, but she showed us some ways of blending and making it look neat rather than a mess (which is how I normally see it demonstrated on tv by other craft presenters). I made the bead pins too.

This is another card that has distressing in it and mine is delicate once again, I just don't like all that heavy messy distressing. I just love the way the dress has turned out, after all colouring is something I have never liked doing!!!

Once I know when the next Leonie workshop is I am definitely booking myself on it.

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  1. those are gorgeous, makes you want to only make cards and never buy them again,



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