Tuesday, 20 March 2012


It was parents evening today for all of the 5 minutes I was in there.

When I was a kid reading was about reading. Not now, oh no you need to be able to determine the mind of the author. Why did the author write the book in that way? Well my interpretation of the reasoning behind it isn't going to be the same as yours, so there is no right and wrong answer, but no matter what only the author knows why they wrote the book the way they did so why ask?

And no this isn't high school, this is primary school (elementary school) and you're 9 years old. You're also immature and you play games - yes I was told she's immature and she plays games. Outside of our life here, when we're at the happiest place in our life, we are out with mature grown ups and rarely any kids are around, no they're tucked up in bed at 7pm, while we're out dancing and at sophisticated dinner parties where the grown ups are old enough to be my parents (actually 2 of them are my parents) and in some cases my grandparents.
All of whom have said how nice it is to have such an intelligent mature young lady as their guest.

One couple told my parents that they thought she was a delight and they'd had a wonderful intelligent adult conversation with her, that their own grandchildren all in their teens would have sulked and moaned at having to be away from their nintendo's, ipods, Facebook or whatever for more than half an hour and that they would never have been able to have such a conversation with any of them.

So now we can only come to the conclusion that a child isn't allowed to be a child anymore, we all know that as fact thanks to the government demands. They're not supposed to have a childhood and learn through playing games. No they are forced into adulthood far too early and that is why so many of the teenagers nowadays are drug addicted vandals.

Education is not about the individual child's abilities any longer, nor does the age of the child get taken into account, it's all about league tables and being the best school.

OK I will get off my soapbox now, it's the immature comment that has pissed me off the most about parents evening, the rest of it was fine.


  1. that comment about reading and the thoughts/mind of author etc was something that was commented on with both charlotte and jacob this year at their parents's evenings too -must be the 'buzz word' at the moment!

  2. I hear ya, I won't get on my box as we will be here all day. Having a child who is in year 5, I know what you mean, I had it with the other two who are now in secondary years 7 and 10.
    Don't stress about it just carry on as you are and she will happy!

  3. Hello

    I can see why you are upset about the comment.

    I agree that children are forced to be adults way too soon. If a child of 9 can't play games it is shocking.

    Your daughter sounds like a credit to you.

  4. It is the same in the US. It is all about passing the state tests. Every year they push concepts to a lower age group, and it is not working.

  5. It is the same in the US. It is all about passing the state tests. Every year they push concepts to a lower age group, and it is not working.


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