Thursday, 1 March 2012

Red Rose Card

Happy St David's Day to everyone who celebrates the Patron Saint of Wales.

twisted pyramid card, I love this one.

My ex MIL is coming on Saturday, whether she will be bringing my daughter's cousin with her is a mystery, so I suppose we will wait and find out on the day. Of course I'm sure that when my daughter suggests where she wants to go we will be told no.

So today and tomorrow will be spent trying to make the downstairs of the house look like a show home without a spec of dust and nothing out of place - ha like that will ever happen, this house looks lived in. It will be tidy enough while my back holds out, it aches when I've been bending too much these days. Must be my age!!

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  1. Hi

    Just stopping by to say how much I like your card - it's really lovely.


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