Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Another Little Finish

Another little finish. Yay. I wanted something Christmassy and I wanted something quick, so I looked at some of my JCS Ornament magazines and found a few things I fancied, but couldn't be bothered to find fabric for (being the lazy mare that I am!) and then came across an old copy of Cross Stitch Card Shop (err off the top of my head I think that was it) and the freebie gift was still attached to it, so I thought that would be perfect.

This Mickey Mouse is that freebie. I just need to iron it and then finish it off as a card.

I was browsing ebay and came across a seller that has some lovely fabrics at very reasonable prices. These are the two I bought. I was thinking Halloween items with the orange one and Christmas with the stripe one.


  1. Mickey Mouse is a cutie. Love the fabrics from ebay - I think the stripey one is gorgeous.

  2. Cute little finish and lovely fabrics from ebay.

  3. Very cute finish Heather. I do that and think I'll start something then can't be bothered to get fabby and thread sorted!

    Lovely fabrics from Ebay.


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