Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Kiwi Fruit

These are two of my mini kiwi fruits on the bush. This year there are 80 of them. They were really tasty last year, so hopefully even better this year. For next year I must get some more canes or a wigwam for it to hang onto and maybe the fruits will be bigger.

When I went downstairs yesterday morning this scary looking postcard was on the mat and I just wondered who on earth would send such a postcard. Turns out that my 7 year old daughter sent it from Broadstairs when she was there last week with Mum and Dad. Typical of Marion really, strange little child!!!

I'm supposed to be cleaning and tidying the house and err, well because I've felt so crappy recently I haven't done anything apart from feel sorry for myself really and err well they come back on Friday. Oh dear, looks like I need to find a couple of big boxes and chuck everything in them, stick them in the loft and then slowly sort through everything when she goes back to school!!

It's her Birthday on Monday, yes Bank Holiday Monday and my little baby will be 8 years old. Not a birthday card has fallen onto the mat for her (I'm talking about from the paternal side of her family). I can't believe the time has flown by so quickly.

When I was in Mansfield yesterday getting a birthday card for her (because I've not seen a thing that takes my fancy to make a nice one) I saw lots and lots of Christmas Cards on sale in 4 of the card shops I went into. That time of year is here once more.

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