Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Boy with Sheepdog

Another card I have enjoyed making and I loved making the teabag folded star.

It's funny how some things come so easily to me, shown once and off I went without looking at the instructions and first finished (not that it was a competition).

We had to go in after school yesterday and speak to her teacher about a girl who is 2 years younger, very spoilt and extremely rude and nasty. She's got a thing about whoever Marion is playing with, they shouldn't be her friend and she'll do anything to turn them against her and so yesterday at dinner time she got 2 friends to squash Marion, then grabbed the hood of her coat and pulled tight so it was tightening up against her throat. My daughter didn't do anything about it at the time - I know I can totally relate to it, I was bullied at school and I can still remember the headmaster telling me it was my fault. I hated school.

Her teacher listened to her and then asked who the child was and that's when I was looking directly at the teachers face, she rolled her eyes as if to say 'not her again', but she told Marion that she would speak to the class teacher and get her to speak to the girl about it. She also told her to just stay away from the girl and tell her to go away if she tries to come near Marion in future.

I told her this morning to make sure she just says that her teacher has said she's to stay away, it might make the girl think twice. I've also said that if she tries anything like that again, she's to scream and run off to find a dinner lady or teacher and if she can't scream just run to the safety of an adult.

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