Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bird Cage Card

Yesterday morning it all started, I stopped at the post office on the way into town to get some cash out and the machine froze, 5 minutes later I was still hitting cancel, then shouted into the shop and as she came out the machine finally spat out my card.  I tried again and it worked fine.

On the way back from town we popped into the newsagents to get the horrible histories book that comes with the local paper, but she's decided to stop selling them now.  So out we go, hot and bothered and she bursts into tears.

So we popped to Mansfield WHSmith is a book retailer and they sell the local paper, but oh no they only did the book when it was free with the paper which seems to be the case for most places I've found, they're quite willing when it's free but make them sell it and it's too much hassle.

We were told to go to the local Chad office, so in the scorching heat we went only to find they were closed.  So I emailed them and said I had one very unhappy 9 year old and one extremely frustrated adult who was finding it harder and harder to obtain the books.

Later on when I was putting her bike away in the garage, she came out telling me she'd had an accident with the chocolate milkshake.  All up opposite walls in the dining room and then she managed to get it across my tv. I was angry then because she could easily have blown the thing up.

To top it all off when I went to move the car further onto the drive I rolled it into the garage door.  When I looked there was no damage to the car, but I couldn't open the garage door and at midnight you can't do anything but sweat it out until the morning (although I did spend an hour trying to prize it back into place). 

At 6am the dustmen turned up (they're always early, so this didn't annoy me that much) and just as I kind of dozed back off to sleep that's when it all started, the lady in the bungalow might just as well have bought herself a brand new home for all there is left of it, now at 7am skips were arriving, along with a ton of soil and other lorry loads of stuff and the digger started just after 7.30am (I've since found out that this is illegal and because I was in such a grumpy mood I told her that it was unfair to the families that live here, making sure she knew that I could report her for noise pollution before 9am).

Thankfully Jay was loading his truck and I went to go and see him, he asked if I was ok and I almost burst into tears when I told him what I'd done.  He fixed it for me and now we can get back into the garage once again.

Combination of heat, being over tired and complete frustration leads to one very miserable adult.

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