Monday, 23 July 2012

Birthday Party

It's hard to believe, but my little girl will be 10 years old in 6 weeks time. For this reason she was desperate to have a birthday party, so we booked the party at the swimming pool with the inflatable and she invited 25 of her friends.

An hour in the pool with the inflatable, which I was told was a pirate ship and they all had a fantastic time.  Once they were all changed we went upstairs to have hot dogs and nachos and cakes.

They even had 20 minutes to play bulldog to end the evening.

We didn't want party bags, so I came up with the idea of sweet cones and spent Friday making up these cones and finishing them off with a glow stick when I tied them.

Her friends thought this was fantastic and loved the glow sticks as an extra.

I had thought I'd get away with not making any cakes, instead buying a slab cake in Morrisons, but they only served 15 and I couldn't have cut them any smaller than they already were, so I bought some red, white & blue sprinkles and made 30 fairy cakes.

Again the kids thought these were fabulous and tasty :) 

As they were leaving they all thanked us for such a wonderful party and one boy even told Marion her Mum sure knows how to throw a party :)

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