Monday, 6 August 2012


Believe it or not this piece gave me a headache and took about 6 hours to stitch.  It's not difficult, it's only two colours.

They do say that the simplest of pieces give the biggest headache.

Now armed with a large tub of magnolia paint (my choice for a short term finish), gloss paint, polyfilla and the yellow paint I intend spending this week painting the hall, my bedroom and the living room.  At Christmas I asked my daughter to put two drawing pins into the existing holes in the wall in the hall and now it resembles a pincushion, so fill the holes and repaint yellow.  Then re-gloss the skirting boards (in the US you call them baseboards I believe) and the inside of the front door.

I also intend on painting the outside of my front door and the garage door in the same colour, watch out neighbours I'm brightening the place up!!!

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