Thursday, 30 August 2012

TEN Today

On the 30th August 2002 my life changed forever, my darling baby was born.  It turned out to be a girl and she had an immediate name, Marion, named after her Great Granny. Today that tiny little baby is ten years old and 4ft 6inches tall.

Each year she chooses what she wants to go and this year she wanted to go on a riverboat along the River Medway. She could either choose the paddle steamer or the long boat and she chose the long boat. So off we went to The Malta Inn at Maidstone and then we got onboard, as she was the birthday girl she was on first :) 

It was a lovely leisurely trip and we saw some lovely narrow boats along the way and we had an excellent view of Maidstone Crown Court, which you will have seen on many a crime drama.  The boat stops just a bit further along from the court and you can get off to go shopping or stay on and go back.  She decided she was hungry and wanted to go back to the Malta Inn so she could eat.

All in all the trip was an hour long.  It was so peaceful that it didn't feel like an hour.

After our meal we went back home to my parents house for a nice cuppa but no birthday cake 'I don't want it ruined' she said!!!

She made the madeira cake herself with Mum and had said she wanted blue icing, so that's what she got.  She designed it all herself, cut out the penguins and seahorses herself. 

First you have Everest at the back with a penguin climbing it and then you have the ice floats.

Smiling away happily at finally becoming a ten year old :)

Happy Birthday darling, with all our love Mummy, Granny and Grandad xx


  1. Belayed birthday wishes Marion. I can't believe you are ten already. :):)


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