Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Finished Card

The piece of stitching I finished the other day is now made up into a card and for sale here.

It's been a cold, wet depressing day today starting off with walking to school and me mentioning that she hadn't had her letter about passing her swimming certificate upon where I receive the reply that she's been told she's already got it. I asked what she meant and she said that she'd been told yesterday that she has already got Goldfish 2, to which I replied that she definitely hasn't got it because all her badges to date are on her towel and why would the instructor be making her do a badge that she's already received.

When we got to school I mentioned it to the ta who said that it was right, that's what Marion and Honor had done and she didn't hand out a letter as she already has it. Honor piped up and said that her letter says she's passed Goldfish 2. When we got to swimming the instructor said that both girls had passed Goldfish 2 and the others in their group Goldfish 1.

So why do we still have no letter home when it's a pre written letter and it would only take 1 minute to write the child's name on and date it? On Friday Marion will be the only one in her class not receiving a swimming badge and getting herself upset about it when it's not her fault. So do I put the £1.50 in an envelope and hand it in tomorrow with the details written on it and not bother waiting for a letter?

On top of that we found out today that the hospital haven't written up any notes on Grandad, they're not sure why he's on a drip so they've taken him off it, he's not on any medication because they don't know what he needs and the Sister that Mum spoke to last night said she wasn't aware he had this bug thing. She basically said that she didn't even know why he was there at all, but she couldn't check his notes as the doctors were in a meeting and they had all patients notes with them.

So we just have to wait and see what happens when Mum calls later on demanding a doctor returns her call with the answers to her questions.

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