Monday, 24 January 2011

I relaxed

Yesterday afternoon my 8 year old daughter yelled at me to relax a little bit and get worked up later on again "and for goodness sake Mummy sit down and do some stitching and watch this film with me". She smiled at me, handed me a can of coke and told me if I dared move she'd smack me.

So, as you can see I did as I was told. All through 'See Spot Run' and 'Aladin' I sat and stitched. I can't really say that it looks anything like the piece in the magazine at the moment, not like the first one I did, but we'll see when it's finished.

I didn't do anymore after those two films, my face was really itchy and irritable and I just wanted to rip it off. I had to keep wiping it over (especially my forehead) with a cold facecloth every half hour or so. Today it feels much better, but still not quite right.

Oh well, mince and potatoes await and I am starving. I will catch up on all your blogs soon.

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  1. Glad you did as you were told. Lovely progress. Hope you are feeling better today. Yum mince and potato any leftovers lol.


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