Wednesday, 19 January 2011

First Finish for 2011

As sweet as you are heart
28 ct evenweave
carries threads - passion
started 14/01/11 - finished 18/01/11

Well this is it, I finished it last night and I'm really pleased with it. It states in the magazine to do the backstitching in 2 strands, but I think using 1 thread gives it a more delicate feel. I'll be making it up into a card and it will be available for sale soon.

This morning we had a thick frost, which looked more like a light dusting of snow. Outside on the pavement I took 2 steps, slipped and jarred my back. I had taken some painkillers for a headache about 10 minutes before that happened, but they did nothing to ease the headache or the pain I was feeling in my back. I even had to sit down at the swimming pool while I was watching the kids, which is something I never do.

When we got back to school, I was about to start the slow process of walking home, which isn't far and the bus driver told me to get back on and he'd drop me off. I thought that was really nice of him and it got me home that little bit quicker.

Unfortunately more painkillers and a hot water bottle haven't really done anything to ease my back, so if it feels any worse in the morning I'm calling the doctor.


  1. A lovely finish. I hope your back gets better soon.

  2. Lovely finish Heather. I hope your back is feeling better.


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