Friday, 3 February 2012


Just a little something I stitched up while I was waiting for the washing machine to finish. It turned out smaller than I thought, but I realise that this piece of aida band must be 18 count. I'm going to make it into a card, I have a peel off that will go perfectly with it so I just have to work out how I'm going to do it.

After realising that I had bought the stuff weeks ago, I should really put the wormer liquid on the back of the cats necks. Rascal was fine, he was too busy worrying about whether his food would still be there if he took the time to breathe let alone bother with me doing something awful to him.

His Mother on the other hand was less than amused. She hates the flea stuff, she hates the worm stuff and she makes herself look like she's been tortured after it's been done. Today was no exception, as soon as it was done she sank her neck into her body, constantly blinked and walked sideways as though she was about to be attacked. She then fled past me and demanded to be let outside (this from a cat who would prefer to be lying on the rug). Once outside she became the little con artist and limped to show anyone who was walking about, but apart from the new neighbours everyone knows what she's like. She has mastered this technique, which is mainly used begging to be allowed back in. Her name is Cheeky - suits her down to the ground.

I have been out and bought them a tin of tuna to get in their good books again!!! Until next time lol

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