Wednesday, 22 February 2012

It's all Black and White

I loved making this card. Simple, yet elegant.

Well the teaching assistant saw my message in reading diary and spoke to Marion about what had happened and asked if it had happened before, so she told her. She then spoke to the other girl, told her it wasn't very nice to do what she's been doing and said that they weren't in the habit of moving people around to accommodate one taking a disliking to another, they had to sit next to each other and be friends. I would imagine that this would really annoy the other girl as she complained bitterly about having been moved to where she is now back in December.

They were reminded as they left to be friends. I know that Marion will be ok with that, she doesn't have to socialise with her at playtime or dinner play and all she wants to do is get on with her work when they're in the classroom.

She had hockey after school, her team didn't have as many players so they were running up and down like nobody's business and she was having a fantastic time. When it finished she came over to tell me I needed to go and see her teacher to let her know whether she could go swimming or not tomorrow - year 4 go on camp and her class are getting to go swimming in their place. Anyway I went in and found her teacher and it was actually me that needed to say yes because they needed me to go with them to supervise by the pool. Of course I would, I'm no stranger to it.

So she was put into one group and Sarah, her swimming instructor, wanted her in Gail's group to tackle the issue of the frogs feet. She can do the arms, body and legs, it's just the feet. Gail said to me at the end it might just be the way her feet are, afterall she taught Sam Hynd, the paralymic Beijing Gold Medal Winner and World Record Holder; it was just his feet that were holding him back and they changed the position slightly to suit his needs (because nobody at the time realised he had a disability) and look at him now.

Marion is getting worked up about it, she's frustrated she can't get it and Sarah is frustrated because it's only the frogs feet that are holding her back in Stage 5. So we've to try and practise on her bed and the pair of them will work with her at next weeks lesson see if they can't do something about it.

I can't do breast stroke, well my upper half can and one leg, my other leg just won't bend the right way. I am not a natural frog!!!

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