Monday, 6 February 2012

Garden Time Card

I love this card, excellent for a gardener.

Last night when I put my daughter to bed she had the start of a cold sore. Of course because she seems to eat the stuff I didn't have a tube of cold sore cream to hand. Personally whenever I get one I use aftershave to eradicate it as I find the cream just makes it ten times worse and last ten times longer, aftershave dries it out.

My Dad leaves a toilet bag here just so he doesn't have to lug it back and forth whenever they come to stay. For some reason my Dad took his aftershave and left an aftershave gel (not the same when you want to use it on a cold sore). He has since been told off by Marion and promises he will bring one next time and leave it behind.

When I got her up this morning, telling her more than once that it would take longer to get to school with the snow underfoot she just made her usual groaning noises. She then came into my room complaining of a sore throat and when I looked up at her that cold sore had doubled in size and spread, it had also made her lip and chin swell up. Her throat was red when I looked too, so took the decision to keep her off school and go out to get some cold sore cream asap. The swelling has disappeared on her chin, her lip is still swollen and looks really nasty and she's been having hot and cold sweats all day which I think is all related to the cold sore itself.

She's very restless and hasn't had a full hour sleep. No school tomorrow, but hopefully Wednesday she'll feel more like it. She doesn't like missing school. They break up on Thursday for half term.

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