Sunday, 18 July 2010

First Crop Picked

Yesterday we had a busy day. First off to the library to sign up for the Space Hop Summer Holiday reading programme. We made some space puppets and then went and chose two books for her to take out and read and then it was straight off to the school for the church centenary celebrations. We had a couple of hours there and then we had to rush back home because her Dad was coming, something she wasn't best pleased about, but she had to endure it.

When he did eventually turn up, he wanted to go to Bolsover Castle and of course we had to go too. She did complain, but he said it was somewhere he wanted to go. After that she refused to call him Dad, instead calling him Mark (it is his name), something he wasn't best pleased about, but she wasn't about to change her mind about it.

She did seem to enjoy herself when she was there, but of course got stroppy when he, just like her Grandma, refused to buy her a bow and arrow. Instead she came away with a pencil & notepad and a pencil sharpener. I bought some postcards.

When we got back home, she wanted to show him how she can ride her bike now with the seat raised more and then helped a neighbour in search of his rabbit and then her friend Paris came along and she wanted to play with her. I did try getting her to come in to spend some time with her Dad, but I could also see that she was making sure she spent as little time inside with him as possible. She only came in when I told her Toy Story 2 was on, but Paris came in too.

He eventually left at 6.15pm and it was a struggle to get her to get up and say goodbye to him. She knows her own mind and doing her own thing was all that mattered to her.

When Paris had gone, I went into the garden to look at the vegetables and Marion picked this handful of French beans. Yummy, she loves them.

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