Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Romans and Stash

Marion had a Roman Day at school on Friday and they had to dress up, so I made this for her. A 'Stola' (not a toga, as that's for boys, men and women of ill-repute). The straps are plaited and so is the belt and she's wearing my pashmina to finish it off.

She had a wonderful day, they were baking Roman bread and cakes and learning all about what the Romans did for us in the UK, as well as everything else to do with Romans.

Onto today and the order I placed with Down Sunshine Lane last week arrived this morning. Very quick :) 2 packs Piecemaker needles, size 26, LHN Robin Hood and Just Nan Hootzi Humbug.

The engineer from Virgin came this morning, saw that I still had one of the old modems and said that was most likely the cause for lack of service. He replaced it, removed a couple of things from my toolbar for me and after half an hour of slowish service (he said it would be until it had rebooted itself a couple of times), I now have very good, speedy broadband once more.

I'm in the mood for Christmas, so I might see about stitching an ornament or something later on.


  1. Romans must be the in thing at school at the minute Heather, as Sam 4th in line grandson has just been a roman soldier.
    Thanks for the comment on the blog,will you e mail me your addy.It is by Drawn Thread.

  2. Well done Heather's costume is gorgeous. Like your new stash. Have fun with faster broadband.


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