Monday, 19 July 2010

Thank You's To...

Sally and Barbara. Sally sent me the Just Nan Winter Humbug chart that she was finished with and the leftover beads. I knew that there wouldn't be enough of the peanut shaped beads, but I found these peanut shaped ones at one of the local shops. One set is different grey shades with clear and the other is blues and yellows. All I have to do is decide whether the grey or blue will be best when I've completed the stitching.

Barbara sent me her Drawn Thread chart, I'd admired her stitching on her blog and asked who the designer was and she asked me to email her with my address. In the post came this gorgeous chart "you must stitch this for Christmas Mummy" says the beady eyed child.

I'm beginning to wonder whether I should keep looking at these blogs, Barbara is going to have to join Sally on the naughty step a lot more if I do ;) Oh I've just thought, Barbara could just send me her finished piece instead ;-)


  1. Great gifts from Sally and Barbara. That is a gorgeous Drawn Thread pattern. Looking forward to seeing it started. :)

  2. lovely gifts. Gosh I think I have that chart somewhere in my stash

  3. Glad you like the humbug chart. I've just seen Barb's finish of Generosity on her blog.

  4. Great gifst Heather.

    I hope you are having a lovely week.

  5. Glad it got to you ok Heather, enjoy stitching it,hmmmm after the time it spent in the box of abandonment I am quite pleased with it now so I think it may get on my wall at some point in the winter lol.
    Sally and I on the naughty step oh my what fun we would have !!!!comparing notes on what to stitch next. Perhaps not such a good idea lol.


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