Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Some Friends are............

...........a bad influence. Take Sally for instance, she's been put in the naughty corner; actually I never put her there, she took herself there, along with her stash LOL

Sally updated her blog with her latest purchases and one in particular caught my attention, Poinsettia Tree by LHN and so I popped along to Down Sunshine Lane to take a look. I never came across that particular design, but I did stumble upon Robin Hood and with my 7 year old daughter standing behind me at the time 'oh Mummy look, Robin Hood, I want it NOW. Please Mummy I love you very much' and Marion got her wish. I purchased it, along with some more Piecemaker needles because I'm on my last one and I've been wanting to purchase some more for a while (it was a bit pointless just purchasing needles on their own).

Not that I mentioned anything on my blog, but Marion and the rest of the year 3 went to Sherwood Forest on a 3 day camp. They stayed in the youth hostel and all the rooms are named after characters from Robin Hood. Marion and 3 others were in Guy of Gisborne. She had a fantastic time, saw where Robin is buried, measured trees, did rubbings and various other activities. This chart will just add to the memory for her.

Anyway while she was away, I did some more stitching on the letter I and this is how far I've got. It's almost complete, so I may sit and finish it tomorrow evening.


  1. Robin Hood is really cute. Can't say I blame you for adding that to your cart. Once it's completed your daughter will have something to remind her of her trip forever. :)

    Your UFO is looking awesome!

  2. I am quite taken with this chart. We have stayed at a holiday park called Robin Hood. I have Ponsietta House - you can get it from Sew and So not sure how much sorry.

  3. Lol! Am I still in trouble or have you let me off? lol

    Nice to see the alphabet out again :)


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