Thursday, 15 July 2010

It's a Finish

SanMan Originals Spice Stamp
Stitched with DMC and GAST cinnamon

It might be small, but it's a finish all the same. I will either make it into a card, or an ornament. For now it's going in the finished box.

This morning I received the replacement kit I'd had to order from Superstitcher in order to finish my blackwork Japanese Lady. Very speedy service, never used them before. There'd been a paypal error problem, so I said I'd send a postal order, which I did on Tuesday and it was mailed out to me yesterday. So far I have found the enlarged photocopy of the fan, I had to do that because it makes you go just a little boss-eyed when you're looking at the chart and then onto the fabric to do that part - and lots of concetration.

This is the best photo I have on my computer of the whole piece, but the bottom of the skirt is filled in, the fan is completed and there's more done on the dress than that. Anyway this is what I shall be working on tonight and most nights until she's complete. I might do the odd little piece in between.

Actually I've just remembered tonight it's the school disco, so I might just work on something small instead, depends on when her ladyship goes to bed.


  1. A lovely finish. Your blackwork lady is coming along great.

  2. great finish

    look forward to seeing your Japanese lady progress

  3. Cute finish! Congrats ! :)

  4. Great to see you back on blogger, Heather.

    I can't answer your your comment over the star ornament directly as your e-mail address didn't appeared with it.
    Sure will do one for you but not right now, though i will try before x'mas... please do send me you address and will send it when i am finished.

  5. thanks for popping by my blog Heather, I ordered some magazines from here: and had them sent to my mam's house for my brother to bring. They were a good price for us, as I normally pay around 6 pounds for one of those magazines in Canada.

    Gill in Canada


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