Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Some Card Making

Making cards is something I enjoy doing and I decided today that I'd just make a few cards to keep me occuppied after mowing the lawn earlier on.

I have a lot of card making stock that I've had for ages and just not managed to make, or I've bought and then not come up with any ideas as to how to finish it.

I found that I had kitted up the cameo card, but I'm not sure how long ago I did that. So it's another card made :)

Marion played on the adventure playground at school for a little while after school and then got stroppy with me because I said we had to leave to get changed for the Activ8 BBQ. The whole way home she sulked, I know she's a little off colour because she's got toothache, but for goodness sake she's the one that demanded we were to go.

I got her home, changed and then off we went. Not her normal self, a little quiet and then at the end got kicked in the head by a boy swinging on the railings (an accident, but if he'd stopped when he was told to, it wouldn't have happened) and then it was straight off to Brownies for their party. She was a bit tearful when she got there, but she came out smiling, so she must have had a good time.

No stitching tonight, I'm too tired and it won't be long before I head off to bed.

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