Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Boofle Baby Girl Card

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Oh what a miserable day. Rain, rain and more rain.

 I had to go into Mansfield today, needed to go to the bank. It was like walking through a river, my feet were soaking even with wearing my boots. So I popped to the post office, it's a big branch and when I asked for some stamps she told me I would be lucky to get them, they're running out as royal mail isn't delivering anymore to the post offices until they're ready for the price increase.

 Great eh. First they say it's the customers fault they had to put prices up, because we don't post enough anymore. Now they aren't letting us have the stamps to do any posting - is this the customers fault too?

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  1. Hello Heather

    I love that card, so sweet.
    It's raining here too, has been all day.
    I heard about Royal Mail rationing stamps. I hope you managed to find some somewhere.


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