Thursday, 19 April 2012

Boofle Car Birthday Card

Boofle in a car mounted onto a spotty stepper card.

My neighbour Lynn goes to a lot of car boot sales as a seller and she's forever telling me to get my garage sorted and get selling. Of course I should have paid attention last year when I had a bigger car, but I'm off in a bit to one of the ones she's mentioned a few times just to browse and get some details. She's not going today, but I might be persuaded to try next week.

Then I need to seriously think about doing some stitching, I keep looking at it.

Someone asked me the other day why I had given up on stitching, as all I do is make cards.  This simply isn't true, stitching takes a lot longer than it does to make a card and even then a single card can take up to two hours to make and sometimes longer.  I just don't have that much motivation to stitch at the moment, but that might change after I treated myself to a small chart from The Sampler Girl yesterday and I'm itching to start it.  Printing it out would be a good start though :)


  1. Hello

    Another lovely card!
    I agree that stitching takes a lot longer than card making and sometimes it's nice to have a change.
    Hope you enjoy your Sampler Girl chart.


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