Friday, 13 April 2012

Easter Bunny Basket

Fun to make and I put little eggs inside for my daughter for Easter.

Had to take the car in today as I've noticed a grinding noise whenever I brake (since Tuesday), so wanted to get it checked out. Turns out it's corrosion on the discs, but nothing to worry about too much and they'll do it when it goes in for its first MOT next month. The mechanic took it out for a run and did a few hard brakes with it, then did a free health check and everything else is fine.I had been told that the first major service would be in May too, but it turns out that's not until the fourth year or 40,000 miles. It's just an oil change this time around. So it's booked in already because I need a courtesy car. When I drove home it felt a little different, maybe him braking hard helped because it felt smoother to drive.

While my parents were here my Mum moaned about the fluff on the carpet - it's the stupid rug it moults, but she wouldn't have it and then moaned like mad that it took her half an hour to just to vacuum the living room and I could do the dining room myself because you have to go against the grain of the carpet. My old vacuum cleaner was brilliant, but my Mum and daughter decided one day last year to use it on the carpet where I had just washed it and consequently blew up my hoover. The one my parents bought to replace it isn't as good IMO, I find my back aches terribly after using it.

So today I bought myself a Gtech SW18 Cordless Germguard Power Sweeper. It had a little charge in it, so once I'd put it together I tried it out in a small area and oh boy the fluff it picked up. I can't wait til it's fully charged so I can have a go on the stairs.

Off now for a cup of tea and to do a little stitching I think.

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