Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Birdhouse Card

No luck last night in swimming, she's not been moved up. She's fed up now, kept saying it's pointless going as she'll still be in that group when she's in high school.  She was made to do 4 lengths to the others 2, she doesn't have any problems with stamina and she has a full body length on each stroke.  It's just one blasted foot on breast stroke.

What an absolutely miserable day today.  I did have my waterproof coat on for the school run, but I was still cold and wet when I got back in, so had to change.

I had planned on going out to get a few bits and top up with petrol, but have decided that I will only venture out at the end of school and keep my fingers crossed it's not so bad tomorrow.

Have been crafting, been making flowers and a couple of cards and I really should get myself up and finish off the birthday card for Clare, especially if I want to get it to her for tomorrow.

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  1. Hello
    Your card is lovely, the birdhouse is so sweet.
    Sorry to hear that your daughter hasn't been moved up):


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