Friday, 20 April 2012

Bride & Groom Wedding Card

I didn't go to the boot fair yesterday, I'd already been soaked on the school run and decided to stay in.  At 11am I popped up into the loft to start searching for my daughter's football boots, just in case they've been put up there and I got sidetracked looking through a box of crafting stuff.

At mid-day my Aunt called and after that I decided I was itching to go out, so naturally I decided to take myself to Sherwood Forest Art & Craft Centre. I bought a few things in the craft shop and a couple of things inspired me enough to have worked out how I will finish off The Sampler Girl pattern, still not printed it off though!!

Today has been an up and down day, I seem to have run around like a blue fly and got absolutely nothing done to show for it.  I think it's the weather, it was lovely and warm and sunny when I went out to get some bits in Morrisons and then as I pulled into Aldi car park 15 minutes later it was hailstones the size of golf balls and I sat in the car for 10 minutes waiting for it to pass.  I bought a patio rose and put it under where I thought next doors gutter was flooding onto their block paving, but I've just found I'm about an inch out and it's far too heavy to go out and sort it out.  I just hope that it doesn't rain all night or I won't be sleeping much.

I got my stitching out with all good intentions of getting something done and that's how it has stayed.  I did read a magazine though and watched Gardener's World.

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