Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Design a Christmas Card

Something woke me up at 2am this morning, I looked around the house and looked out the windows to see if I could see anything, but it was nothing but fog out there. At 6am I was still trying to get back to sleep and by 7am I was ready for sleep.

My head has been fuzzy all day and all the running around I've had to do I'm ready for a long lie in.

She had to design a Christmas card. It had to uppy downy (portrait) on a4 card and couldn't be folded. I thinks she's done a good job. That's one bit of homework done, the next is a model of a castle as they've been learning about them for the last couple of weeks. I gave her a suggestion to make it easier on me, but I was shot down in flames - castles were not made of brick, they were made of stone. I've had to go out and find 2 different shades of grey paint (tester pots) and a proper decent sized box.

My Grandad must have passed the artistic gene through and it's come out in her, he was a brilliant artist and designer (he designed and built the runway in the Faroe Islands with his Squadron during WWII when he was stationed there).

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