Monday, 7 November 2011


All day yesterday I was like a broken record "do your spellings". Of course it fell on deaf ears and at 8pm I told her I was writing a note to the teacher saying that she'd refused to do her spellings and if she made her stay in at playtime to do them that was fine by me.

Screams of "alright I will do them, please don't tell my teacher" could be heard as the heard of elephants - no sorry just my daughter - stormed upstairs. I have no idea what she was doing, but it certainly wasn't her spellings because more than an hour later she had written all of 2 letters for the first word. Seven boxes of 10 spellings just copying what the teacher had written. I could have had it done in 5 minutes, I loved spellings and spelling tests. She did do them in the end. It was just mentally draining for me.

Tonight I forced her to sit at the table and do one box of spellings and 5 minutes later she was upstairs in her room watching a DVD.


  1. A lovely card. I so know how you feel it drives me mad too - I always say the quicker you do them the quicker you can do want you want.


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