Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Reindeer Candle

It was craft class yesterday and I was looking forward to it as I knew in advance we would be doing candles.

I didn't feel all that great after a sleepless night and a thumping headache and I had the shakes when I was cutting. In hindsight I should have had some lucozade or a bit of chocolate, but it all seemed like a rush.

This is meant to be for a raffle prize for the Christmas fair tomorrow at school, but Marion says it's too good to give to them lol

We also made a reindeer card, the silver tag has Merry Christmas on it. I think I might give this to my parents.

She's off school today because of the strike, it's the first time her school has closed for strikes, but this time they're out. School was closed on Monday due to an underground electrical fault between the sub-station and school, they were in yesterday and off today!! I suppose we can't complain, this time last year they were off due to the snow.

I'm thinking about taking her out to get some winter boots, especially after yesterday coming home in gale force winds, rain and hailstones and being pitch black at 3.20pm. My feet were soaking, when I took my boots off the water just poured out. Thankfully it's nice today, chilly, but sunny.

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