Thursday, 8 December 2011

On The Eighth Day.....

Holly berries.

It was raining heavily through the night last night, I think there were hailstones too and it was really dark and gloomy when we got up.

Last night I read through the script for their play and she's Mary and convinced that she only had the 2 lines for the poem and her 2 lines in the play. Well I found another line that is under the name of Mary, not Marion. I checked with her that there isn't a Mary in year 5 and told her to check with her teacher today to make sure whether she's supposed to say that line or not - I'd hate for her to be forgetting about at the show.

I asked her this morning what she wanted for tea tonight, "curry you haven't made me one for oh ages and ages". "OK no I haven't made one from scratch for ages but I have 7 in the freezer from when you took me shopping and if I remember correctly you had 2 last week". "Well that was ages ago, I'm a growing girl, I'm 9 you know". I laughed and then she screamed "t'aint funny" in the same Calamity Jane voice as Doris Day lol

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