Monday, 19 December 2011

On The Nineteenth Day.....

I went shopping today, the crowds were awful and it was just hard work. I couldn't park in Iceland car park and they couldn't deliver at a time that was convenient for me so I had to drag 4 heavy carrier bags to the multi storey car park. I think I trapped a nerve in my right arm, it was shaking and twitching for most of the afternoon after that. It still aches now.

When I got back in I delivered the christmas cards to the neigbhours houses and then had a well deserved glass of ice cold coke and then it was time to go and pick her up from school. When she got in she told me she was going to die (in the exagerated way kids use) if she didn't get something to eat, so I told her she could have some of the sausage rolls I was cooking for tomorrow while her dinner was cooking. I wasn't watching as I was fighting with the tumble dryer that would let go of the throw I'd just washed and dried.

When I turned back again she'd devoured almost all of the sausage rolls I'd cooked!!!! Of course when it came to dinner ready she wasn't really that hungry, but she had it a couple of hours later.

I've wrapped her teachers presents and they're sitting on the ironing board ready for the morning.

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