Tuesday, 20 December 2011

On The Twentieth Day............

This morning was such a brilliant morning at craft class. We'd all taken in some food (sausage rolls, cakes, crisps etc)and placed them onto an empty table and then we got ourselves settled in our seats to do some crafting, having a great laugh at the same time.

We made this lovely desk calendar. I coloured the hair blonde so my darling daughter wouldn't moan too much about it being pink (she's not a fan of pink, girls wear pink, her favourite colour is blue).

After we'd completed the calendar we put everything away and got the food and drink out and started the party off. We had poppers and crackers and a really good laugh. Then we got back to some more crafting. I almost completed it, I just wanted to tweak it a little and brought it home with me. Not done anything yet, my back was a bit sore but hopefully I will finish it tomorrow.

I have cleaned the kitchen worktops and the hob and fridge, now all I need to do is sweep and clean the floor but some dopey twit (me) had put the broom outside and it's raining now, so I will do it tomorrow evening when she's in her bed.

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